The garments we wear do more than show the world that we’re stylish. They make a statement about who we are.

Too often we think that in order to remain professional, we have to sacrifice creative expression. South Beach Ties bridges the gap between ordinary dress and artistic flare by bringing the beach to business. In 2004, we saw a niche asking to be filled in a market that often omits the creative voice. With some faith and grit we managed to find the perfect medley.

Offering a variety collection of men’s ties, the prints mirror themes found around the shores of South Beach Miami. In the Lake Como region of Italy, the ties are hand-sewn using 100% of the finest silk.

We’re a brand that knows, although fashions will fade with time, style is eternal. If you’re looking for an ideal balance between professional chic and free adventure, you’re in the right place. Take a look around!